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utterly original, deeply comic and deviously beautiful.
- The New York Times

- Time Out New York 

it’s a bit of heaven.
- Dance Magazine

another kind of virtuosity, in which physical precision and charisma mingle like 21st-century fairy dust.
- The New York Times

a marvel of unexpected movements and emotions vividly rendered.
- Arts Journal

One of the most adventurous choreographers of his generation, a master of passionate abstract dances.
- Brooklyn Magazine       

A work of eventful moments…its poetry is meant to cohere in the mind of each beholder.
- Dance Magazine

Choreographers are mostly too naive or too knowing to be strange. They either mistake their commonplaces for the unusual or flaunt their originality until it feels like a pose. Weirdo Wally Cardona, however, is fierce enough in his preoccupations not to care whether anyone shares them and yet aware enough of dance history not to repeat it. Juxtaposing Kierkegaard, compellingly disjointed dancing and the sweet voice of youth in his second BAM commission, the New York choreographer baffles and endears.
- Financial Times

Truth? It's right here the dancers seem to be saying -- it's the evidence before you, how these two exhausted people are managing to stay upright. Intellectuals may debate the existence of freedom; here was the proof of it.
- The Washington Post

Does what you're always hoping for in a work - develop its ideas via its structure
- Foot In Mouth

Where does one dancer begin and the other end? In the arresting “Light Conversation” the truth is that they don’t.
– The New York Times

There's no pat conclusion, no happy ending, yet after 48 minutes the audience leaves happy with the knowledge of how rich and dynamic the human condition can be.
- Danceviewtimes

A personal and curiously eloquent individual movement style.
- The New York Times  

Simultaneously riveting, luscious, and cold; a subtle and complex choreographic gem…. it’s satisfying to wait for those moments of choreographic ingenuity that inevitably evolve with Cardona’s work.
- iDanz

Cardona’s dances convey enormous emotional resonance through the movement itself, and Really Real is packed with luscious, uniquely inventive dancing.
- Gay City News

Cardona’s choice of prop materials is so simple, and yet so backhandedly radical.
- CultureVulture

“To transform all this distance into one normal step into life is the single miracle.” Indeed.
- Financial Times

The massive work…most convincingly represents architectural, not interpersonal, relationship - the body encountering space sculpted by light and voice.
- Dance Magazine

An opus of beguiling and decidedly uncomfortable beauty.
- NY Arts Magazine

Cardona’s highly individual, inventive choreography ricochets from vogueing to disco, from dizzying prancing to dignified strolling.
- Financial Times

The performers are all excellent and, yes, they do dance, but the movement relates intensely to the space they’re in.
- The Village Voice  

Everywhere isn’t a release from our day’s accumulated insults. Yet it understands deeply the restrictions in life that often generate those insults, and then converts this understanding into a movement attack that grows in ferocity as the dance unfolds. Everywhere is thorny – and admirable for just that reason.
- The Oregonian

If you strip everything else away, love is all that matters.
- The New York Times

Really Real achieved what its title spoke of, a release into the freedom of the lived, the  actual, but it also showed that this has to be a complicated and earned and actually  performed process, that it cannot be done with a snap of the fingers.
- The Tropes of Tenth Street

Forget what John Donne said. According to Really Real, every man is an island, and it’s alright.
- Financial Times

(Cardona) lived up to his reputation for provocative, quirky use of space, sound, and lighting.
- The New York Sun  

Formidably intelligent.
- The New York Times   

All mystifying atmosphere and curious beauty.
- The Village Voice   

Dance which radically attacks the bodies – piercing them, transforming them.
- Liberatión      

Brutally demanding gestures, alternating with lush, generous cycles of movement, exhibit an instinctive but deeply rationalized sensibility at work.
- San Diego Union-Tribune       

A choreographer with a distinct, intelligent, and original signature.
- Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger            

Technically superb and oddly sensual.- San Diego Union-Tribune    

A physical competence that was absolutely exceptional. An experience for spirit and mind.
- Berlinske Tidende      

The rough-edged awkwardness of the movement was all the more expressive, done by bodies of such obvious technical power.
- Dance Magazine