on this site you can access information on wcv, inc., a biography and resume of choreographer wally cardona, a current calendar that cannot fully represent the actual perpetual process of research development and presentation involved in the making of something, descriptions of current works that are either currently available for touring or will soon be available, a full record of collaborators including full biographies of the individuals currently involved in projects and a list recognizing the contribution of past collaborators, a gallery of visual eye candy including photographs which have been produced by someone creating an image of something by pointing a camera at it and allowing light briefly to fall on the film inside of their camera and short video clips of various moving things including works that are either being made or have been made and are probably in reality over one hour long but due to our  technological capacity are only shown here as a very short excerpt, press information including either one page of selected press quotes from various sources or a full press kit which is in pdf format so please prepared to wait while it is being loaded, a link that will allow you to make a tax deductible contribution of any amount and show your support either for the company’s perpetual process in general or for a specific component of our process and, last but not least, for all inquiries please contact the company’s assistant megan kendzior at 140 second avenue #501 ny ny 10003 telephone and fax 212.375.8283 email us@wcvismorphing.org. if for some reason your mouse is not able to click on any of these links know that this is experiential work, meaning it’s all a work in progress with a lot of effort put into fully exercising an idea so that the idea does not call attention to itself in the final product but, instead, any finished work gives audiences space to move in, psychically, operating beyond the sphere of scientific knowledge, offering the potential for experience and wait a minute what about oh yeah highlighting an overarching concern of space and place not simply as tools but as the most valuable components being constantly re-created and re-configured within an individual’s interior life, the one that cannot be fully articulated in words (though effort is given to do so), especially when it’s an experience that resists ready communication, often leading to a common response of deeming it private, even idiosyncratic, and hence, impenetrable, taking into account different modes of experience (sensorimotor, tactile, visual or ideality that never seems to fully manifest itself) and  leading to new ways of creating situations in which people on stage and off can navigate each other’s beliefs, principles and aims and live in a world where people value experience as much as ideas, are comfortable with complexity and can value place as a unique kind of object, an object in which one can dwell and from which one can move which, of course, takes us back to space, something realized by the ability to move or put into relationship various places, areas, parts, peoples, regions, neighborhoods, things, spots, vicinities, ingredients, constituencies, elements, objects, communities, ideas, territories,